There are a number of official sources of spells for the classes now in 5E, as well as a few unofficial sources. This PDF is to list together all the spells from the sources that I approve in my campaigns. These sources include all of the following.

  • (AI) – Artificer Infusions listed in on the Artificer Web Page and PDF.
  • (EE) – Elemental Evil Player Companion
  • (SCAG) – Sword Coast Adventure Guide
  • (UA) – Unearthed Arcana

NOTE: There is the following change for my Eberron 5E campaign. The Wizard and Sorcerer spells list have been combined into one spell list called Arcane Spells. Either class can choose from this spell list.

Spreadsheet: I have made a sortable google spreadsheet of all the spells. You can sort by school, level, class or components. Feel free and use this google spreadsheet in your spell selections.

Spells - Spell List Complete


2 thoughts on “Spells: Complete Spell List

  1. Nevermind, I took another look at spell slots and see you can’t cast 2 6th level spells until 19th level. I’m going with spell points I think

  2. I am considering using Spell Points- I have a question about your homebrew spell points rules–

    In the games you run, can a spellcaster cast more than 1 spell from level 6 or higher before long rest? If so, is there a max Number, or is it until they run out of enough points to cast. (For instance a 11th level wizard has two 6th level spell slots, so in normal rules can cast two 6th level spells. In DM Guide Variant SP rules, Spellcasters can only cast one spell from each level 6th or higher–so 11th level could only cast one 6th level spell.

    Could you either comment or email me your thoughts on the simplified spell point system you run. I am discerning using it myself and would like to know more details.

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