Eberron Lightning Rail

This table comes out of frustration with significant differences in the distances across all the Eberron maps (from 3.5 and 4 editions), as well as differences from the maps and what is in the book. For example, the charts in Eberron Explorer’s Handbook lists that from Swordkeep to Marketplace is about the same distance to as Marketplace to Passage. The distance from the second leg is clearly much longer than the distance on the first leg. I have used the rates that are listed as outlined from the Eberron’s Explorer’s Handbook.

This chart was developed and created my making a meticulously hex overlay layer under a high quality version of the 4th edition map. I counted hex from location to location and laid out these charts. Times include an hour at each of the major stops along the routes.

There are two inputs on this page. One is to set the speed of the lightning rail which will change the time tables. This is to account for the special carriage that can go 60 mph that is mentioned in the cannon material. The rate input field will change the price table based on the class that the passenger is taking.

Changes: There are two fundamental map changes that I made in my campaign that are reflected in these charts. The 3.5E maps have a lightning rail line south from Vedykur thru Fort Zombie to Gatherhold. The 4E map had this line removed. I have re-added this line. I have also added a spur line from Vedykur to Vulyar. It does not make sense that Karrnath always had control of the Mror Holds, but most of the wealth for Mror Holds would go via lightning rail to the Halflings and Cyre. Feel free and remove this spur if it suits your campaign.

The file, which is a google sheet, can be found here with the latest information.

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