Eberron has its fair share of knightly orders, allowing you to select this background in an Eberron campaign. However the orders presented in the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide do not exist in Eberron. Instead, select an order presented below, or create your own.

The Knights Arcane.

Restriction: Must possess arcane spellcasting ability and proficiency with a martial weapon.

The best of Aundair’s best are the Knights Arcane, an elite knightly order of soldiers boasting both martial skill and arcane ability. Universally trained in Arcana, these Knights Arcane were singularly important to Aundair’s war effort during the Last War, keeping that nation’s comparatively small armies in the fight with spell and blade.

The King’s Citadel.

The King’s Citadel exists to serve the crown ruler of Breland and protect the nation’s people. Divided into the King’s Swords, the King’s Wands, the King’s Shield, and the more secretive King’s Dark Lanterns, many talented and capable individuals were elevated to knighthood during the Last War in order to serve in the King’s Citadel. Now that the war is over, the King’s Citadel has been charged with law enforcement across Breland. Agents of the Citadel travel throughout the nation, trained in Investigate in order to dispense the King’s justice while serving as the eyes, ears, and strong right arm of the crown.

The Knights of Thrane.

Though many Knights of Thrane refused to accept anything but Wynarn rule and exiled themselves to Stormreach, many more accepted the Prince Daslin’s decision and remained loyal to Wynarn blood, even though they also now serve the Church. The Knights of Thrane train all their inductees in History, ensuring they all know where their true loyalties lie.

The Knights of Purification.

Restriction: Must worship the Silver Flame.

Comprised of deeply devout Silver Flame worshipers, the Knights of Purification have a singular goal: the eradication of evil cults. Purifiers are trained in Religion to better identify the rites of and practices of malicious covens and secret brotherhoods, and are then tasked with investigating these cults and shining a holy light on their depravities.

The Order of Rekkenmark.

For almost a thousand years, the best military officers in Galifar graduated from Karrnath’s Rekkenmark Academy and joined the Order of Rekkenmark. During the Last War, members of the Order of led Karrnath’s armies to victory time and again, often against daunting odds. Even in a time of peace, the opal ring that marks a member of the Order earns more respect from veteran soldiers than a dozen medals. All members of the Order are experts in History, studying extensively on past wartime campaigns and important battles.

The Order of the Onyx Skull.

The first knightly order of Karrnath to truly embrace the presence of the undead, the Order of the Onyx Skull provided many of the officers during the last war charged with giving units of Karrnathi skeletons and zombies orders, requiring an extensive training in Religion to be able to replicate the Blood of Vol rites for commanding them. The terrifying Bone Knights of Karrnath also exclusively draw their number from the Order of the Onyx Skull.

Order of the Bone Knight

The cavalier must devote himself to protecting Karrnath and its people. He must obey the commands of King Kaius without question. He must strive to improve Karrnath’s reputation and the organization of its undead forces. The terrifying Bone Knights of Karrnath also exclusively draw their number from the Order of the Onyx Skull.

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