Can’t choose between survivabilty and damage? why not both!

Defensive weapons

Some weapons are meant for more defensive use. These weapons have the new defensive trait.

  • Defensive. This weapon can be used to help parry incoming attacks. You may take a bonus action to increase your AC by one until the start of your next turn. You can’t benefit from both a shield and a defensive weapon.

The following weapons profit from the defensive trait:
Simple weapons

Weapon Damage Costs Weight Properties
Buckler 1d4 Bludgeoning 5 gp 2 lb. Defensive, Light, Special

Martial weapons

Weapon Damage Costs Weight Properties
Parrying dagger 1d4 Piercing 10 gp 1 lb. Defensive, Light, Finesse
Parrying stick 1d4 Bludgeoning 15 gp 2lb. Defensive, Light, Special
Backsword 1d6 Slashing 25 gp 3 lb. Defensive, Finesse

Special weapons

Buckler. You may use the hand wielding a buckler to wield a versatile weapon with two hands or to provide a spell’s somatic component. During a round, you can’t use a buckler this way and use its defensive property to increase your AC

Parrying stick. You may use your bonus action concentrate on one creature. You can use your reaction to gain 3 bonus AC towards its first attack.

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