The following is intended on being a complete listing of all the races that I will allow in my Eberron campaigns. This will present all material that I accept that is available in the published works of Wizards, possible options in Unearthed Arcana, as well as homebrew options that I allow, which will be listed on this website.

If there is something new that you are interested in, either something that has been homebrewed or options that appeared in prior editions of D&D, please consult with me and we will look into the viability of what you are looking at and for.

Common Races
Race Location on Eberron Common Countries Source Page
Dwarf Khorvaire, Sarlona, Frostfell Mror Holds, Karrnath, Riedra, Any PHB 18-20
Halfling, Khorvaire Khorvaire Any PHB 26-28
Half-Elf Khorvaire Any PHB 38-39
Human Eberron Any PHB 29-31
Gnome Khorvaire Zilargo, Any PHB 35-37
Goblin Khorvaire Darguun, Sharn Eberron5E


Uncommon Races
Race Location on Eberron Common Countries Source Page
Changeling Khorvaire Breland, Any Eberron5E
Elf, Khorvaire Khorvaire Any PHB 21-24
Elf, Valenar Southeastern Khorvaire Valenar PHB 21-24
Half-Orc Khorvaire Shadow Marches, Demon Wastes, Droaam, Eldeen Reaches PHB 40-41
Hobgoblin Khorvaire Darguun, Any Eberron5E
Orc Khorvaire Shadow Marches, Eldeen Reaches, Droaam, Demon Wastes, Mror Holds VGtM 120
Shifter Western Khorvaire, Sarlona Eldeen Reaches, Shadow Marches, Tashana Tundra Eberron5E
Warforged Khorvaire Five Nations Eberron5E


Rare Races
Race Location on Eberron Common Countries Source Page
Elf, Aerenal Aerenal Aerenal, Valenar PHB 21-24
Halfling, Talenta Eastern Khorvaire Talenta Plains PHB 26-28
Kalashtar Khorvaire, Sarlona Sharn, Adar Eberron5E

Very Rare races in particular you will need to consult with you DM. There needs to be a good reason how this character can join the adventure party. Some of these in particular may come with some significant social consequences for playing. These need to be understood and and worked through both with the DM and the party

Very Rare Races
Race Location on Eberron Common Countries Source Page
Aarakocra Khorvaire, Sarlona, Xen’drik Byeshk Mountains, Icehorn Mountains, The Starpeaks, The Howling Peaks, The Blackcaps, Mror Holds EEPC 3-5
Aasimar Khorvaire Any VGtM 104-105
Dwarf, Grey (Duergar) Khorvaire Mror Holds, Khyber SCAG 104
Elf, Drow Xen’drik Xen’drik PHB 21-24
Firbolg Western Khorvaire Shadow Marches, Droaam, Eldeen Reaches VGtM 106-107
Goliath Khorvaire, Sarlona, Frostfell, Xen’drik Shadowcrags, Icehorn Mountains, Mror Holds, Syrkarn in the Tashana Tundra VGtM 108-109
Gnome, Deep (Svirfneblin) Khorvaire Mror Holds, Khyber SCAG 115
Lizardfolk Southeastern Khorvaire Basura Swamp, Q’barra, Shadow Marches, Torlaac Moor VGtM 111-113
Tiefling Western Khorvaire, Sarlona Droaam, Demon Wastes, Eldeen Reaches, Shadow Marches PHB 42-43

13 thoughts on “Races of Eberron

  1. AMAZING RESOURCE! Great job. So much work done on this.
    I don’t see Changeling as a Race option, and as of 6 months ago, you said it was being looked into. Progress?
    I’ve seen WotC UA version of Changeling and other Homebrew versions, so I feel I can put something together, (My Eberron camapaign starts in 2 weeks and a PC wants a Changeling) but wanted to find out why it wasn’t included here– is it because none of your players showed interest, or did you find they “break” the game/story in some way? Intuitively I beleive I can work with it as a DM, but wanted your experienced insight. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for all the feedback. I am working on it now. I had a bunch of stuff in life happen and keep me from working on this, and yea none of my PC’s having interest has kept me from completing this. I am totally for Changelings, I am likely going to keep the shape change ability pretty much as it is listed in the ECS 3rd edition book. There really is not much of a reason to change it.

  2. This is a version of the Changeling, which I converted combining editions.



    Changelings are lite humanoids, quick and social adepts
    In true form, a changeling has a startling yet vague
    appearance. A changeling’s skin is uniformly pale
    with white or light gray tones. Its oversized eyes are
    often sunken in dark rings, between which lies a
    subtle nose. Changelings are slender, bordering on
    frail. Their hair tends to have light coloring with hints
    of blue, green, and even pink; pale silver is the most
    common hair color, followed by platinum and blond.
    Aside from the hair on their heads, changelings have
    little or no hair.
    Changelings reach maturity at about fifteen years
    of age, and they live about as long as humans do.

    Size: Medium
    Speed: Normal, 30 feet
    Shapechanger: All Changelings have the gift to change their shape, body and face, same as a disguise self spell. All their statistics are the same in the new form, all clothing, armor or possessions do not change. The form lasts until, change again. Changelings revert to their natural form when dead.

    Changelings are natural spies and sometimes criminals, they gain +1 to Persuasion and Deception checks
    Language: Changelings speak Common, however have a gift to learn new languages, you can pick one extra language at character creation.

    1. I finally got my own version posted. Personally I try and avoid using +1 bonuses or any kind of bonuses like that in 5th edition, it can too easily break bounded accuracy and also involves math that 5th edition does a great job of getting rid of.

    1. I have not thought about it yet. No players in my campaigns have had any interest in that. Those are a race that I will like reconsider at that point.

    1. This is actually something I have been looking at but I have not completed yet. Particularly since a new player at my table wants to play one.

    1. This is actually something I have been looking at but I have not completed yet. Particularly since a new player at my table wants to play one.

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