Warforged are a construct race, mass-produced for battle. Most warforged designed to perform a specific function share a uniform appearance, distinguished only by the ”ghulra” (the symbol on the forhead of the warforged, each as unique as a human fingerprint). Some warforged are more distinctive, however. Some are prototypes of designs later abandoned. Others are accidents created in flawed forges. And some warforged have modified their bodies in a quest for individual identity. By rolling on one or more of the following charts, you can generate idiosyncratic warforged PC’s or NPC’s. In addition, you can distinguish your warforged from the crowd with a specialized component or even membership in a clandestine affiliation operating without the knowledge of Eberron’s dragonmarked races.

All of the changes listed below are cosmetic and do not affect the way the warforged works, nor do they change how any effect works on the warforged.

d10 Body Types
1 Short and stocky
2 Tall and lithe
3 Broad shouldered
4 Twisted & malformed
5 Long-limbed
6 Long torso
7 Hunched back
8 Triangular torso
9 Square torso
10 Blocky shoulders & chest
d10 Head Types
1 Square head
2 Round head
3 Demonic face plate
4 Visored head with glowing eyes
5 Blank visage (no discernible features at all)
6 Cyclopic visage
7 War helm head (bat winged, horned, or spiked)
8 Eyes flicker, flash or spark
9 Face half one color, half another
10 Skull visage
d10 Body Composition
1 Copper
2 Iron
3 Bronze
4 Marble
5 Obsidian
6 Enameled bone
7 Blue steel
8 Burnished oak
9 Striped rattan
10 Combo (roll twice, ignoring 10’s)
d10 Appearance
1 Dragonmarked house symbol on chest
2 Lion-shaped shoulder guards
3 Dragonscale motifs on chest, shoulders & back
4 Studded gauntlets, leg guards & helms
5 Rusted or worn
6 Chipped or cracked
7 Mirrored sections or highly polished & burnished
8 Worn painted patterns
9 Etched with political or religious icons
10 Animated filaments undulate all over the body
d10 Personality Quirks
1 Stutters or speaks in odd syntax (refers to self in third person, reverses word order, etc)
2 Whispers all the time and then is angered when people do not understand
3 Tries to mimic human behaviour in every way, right down to hygiene and human emotions.
4 Stares and nonwarforged and enjoys how it makes them nervous and uncomfortable.
5 Refers to all nonwarforged as ”master” or ”mistress”.
6 Formerly used as an executioner and absent-mindedly recites the last words of the accused.
7 Casually violent, remaining completely calm even when dismembering the corpses of foes.
8 Refuses to fly in airships or take lightning rails, superstitious about using magic items as well.
9 Pathological interest in dead creatures, studies death in all forms and finds it fascinating.
10 Laughs at inappropriate times in a failed attempt to mimic humanoids.