At my table it is important that the characters have preexisting connections and reasons to be together, unless the campaign calls for something different. When I started doing this inner-party conflict dramatically decreased at my table. And the players love these options.

Feel free and foll on these tables for all the characters at the table. Or pick and choose what you like to fit your backstory.

Roll a d6 first to determine which main table to roll from, then roll the die suggested by the second table.

A side note is that since we campaign in Eberron there are quite a few more options under War, due to the effects of the last war.

1. Relationship of Service
d10 Service
1 Servants or apprentices to the same master/teacher
2 Trained together
3 Met on a pilgrimage, caravan, or journey
4 Follow (or followed) the same faith or cult
5 Blessed by the same church
6 In service to the same monarch/court/government
7 Went to the same university/academy/training hall together
8 Each seek the same goal
9 Business associates together
10 Each travelled widely with the same patron
2. Relationship of Fellowship
d8 Fellowship
1 Long-time adventuring companions
2 Hunting companions
3 Business associates, current or former
4 Contractor and employer
5 Members of a guild
6 Drinking buddies
7 Gaming or gambling associates
8 Travelled somewhere together
3. Relationship of Friends
d8 Friends
1 Friend of a friend
2 Childhood Friends
3 Friendly Rivals
4 Best friends
5 From the same home town or region
6 Neighbors
7 A former friend
8 Raised in the same orphanage together
4. Relationship of Family
d6 Family
1 Distant cousins
2 Siblings
3 Related by marriage/adoption
4 Close family—uncle/nephew, parent/child, grandparent/grandchild
5 First or second cousins
6 Family friends
5. Relationship of War
d10 War
1 Served on same side in the last war
2 Reluctant allies
3 Former enemies
4 Veterans of a skirmish or war
5 Friendly competitors
6 A blood debt/oath still needs to be repaid
7 Served on opposite sides in the last war
8 Fought together to protect their area from maradaurs/raiders/pirates
9 Refugee & helping hand
10 Refugees together
6. Relationship of Intrigue
d8 Intrigue
1 Know each other by reputation only
2 Former inmates (prison, asylum, or captivity) or former inmate and captor
3 Criminal connections
4 The only survivors
5 Witnesses to a crime/assassination
6 Romantic competitors, current or former
7 Victims of the same crime/criminal
8 Happened to be in the same place and in trouble at the same time

Party Connections