The universe of the Eberron Campaign Setting hosts an incredible diversity of creatures, cultures, and planes of existence, many with their own linguistic traditions. Languages are divided into standard, exotic, and planar languages. When you create a character, you automatically gain the languages listed in your race, class, and background. Sometimes you may be allowed to chose a language. You can pick from any category of language listed below, but allow each category’s rarity inform how your character learned this language.


Language Typical Speakers Script
Common Citizens of Khorvaire Common
Dwarvish Dwarves Dwarvish
Elvish Elves, Half-elves Sylvan
Goblin Goblinoids Goblin
Halfling Halflings Goblin
Orc Half-orcs, Orcs Goblin


Language Typical Speakers Script
Argon Natives of Argonessen and the Seren Isles Draconic
Draconic Kobolds, lizardfolk, troglodytes, dragons Draconic
Giant Ogres, giants, drow Giant
Gnoll Gnolls Goblin
Reidran Citizens and lower classes of Sarlona Common
Sahuagin Sahuagin, sailors Sahuagin
Undercommon or “Khyber’s Tongue” Denizens of Khyber, symbionts, tieflings Daelkyr


Language Typical Speakers Script
Abyssal Demons of Shavarath, tieflings Infernal
Aquan Water elementals and other water-based creatures Draconic
Auran Air elementals and other air-based creatures Draconic
Celestial Archons of Shavarath, couatl, shulassukar Celestial
Daan Formians, inevitables, maruts, modrons Celestial
Daelkyr Daelkyr, mind flayers, other aberrations, and creatures of Xoriat Daelkyr
Ignan Fire elementals and other fire-based creatures Draconic
Infernal Devils of Shavarath, tieflings, rakshasa Infernal
Irial Deathless, energy beings of Irian Celestial
Kythric Slaadi, choatic outsiders of Kythri Draconic
Mabran Intelligent undead, creatures of Mabar Infernal
Quori Quori, the Inspired, Kalashtar Quor
Risian Ice elementals and other ice-based creatures Draconic
Sylvan Dryads, eladrin, fey of Thelanis Sylvan
Syranian Angels of Syrania, radiant idols Celestial
Terran Earth elementals, xorn, and other earth-based creatures Draconic


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