The following list is meant to show what Deities are available in Eberron and what cleric domains are associated with each of the particular domains.

The Sovereign Host Alignment Domains Symbol
Arawai, The Sovereign of Life and Love NG Life, Nature Sheaf of wheat tied with a green ribbon
Aureon, The Sovereign of Law and Lore LN Arcana, Knowledge, Law Open tome
Bainor, The Sovereign of Horn and Hunt N Ferocity, Nature A silhouetted pair of antlers
Boldrei, The Sovereign of Hall and Hearth LG Law, Life, Protection A fire in a stone hearth
Dol Arrah, The Sovereign of Sun and Sacrifice LG Law, Light, War A rising sun
Dol Dorn, The Sovereign of Strength and Steel CG Protection, War A longsword over a shield
Kol Korran, The Sovereign of World and Wealth N Travel, Trickery a nine-sided gold coin stamped with the octogram
Olladra, The Sovereign of Feast and Fortune NG Life, Trickery A domino
Onatar, The Sovereign of Fire and Forge NG Arcana, Artifice, Forge, Knowledge Crossed hammer and tongs
The Sovereign Host NG Any above domains The celestial crown or Octogram
The Dark Six Alignment Domains Symbol
The Devourer, The Sovereign of Wave and Whelm NE Tempest A bundle of five sharpened bones
The Fury, The Sovereign of Rage and Ruin NE Ferocity, Madness A red-and-black winged wyrm with a woman’s head and upper body
The Keeper, The Sovereign of Death and Decay NE Death A khyber dragonshard in the general shape of a fang
The Mockery, The Sovereign of Betrayal and Bloodshed NE Trickery, War Five blood-spattered tools, laid out in the octogram
The Shadow, The Sovereign of Magic and Mayhem CE Arcana, Knowledge A block of obsidian in the shape of a tower
The Traveler, The Sovereign of Chaos and Change CN Artifice, Knowledge, Travel, Trickery Four crossed, rune-scribed bones
The Dark Six NE Any above domains The dark six or hexagram
Other Faiths of Eberron Alignment Domains Symbol
The Silver Flame, deity of protection and good LG Law, Life, Light, Protection, War Flame drawn on silver or molded from silver
The Blood of Vol, philosophy of undeath and immortality LE Death, Grave, Law, Life Stylized dragon skull on a red teardrop gem
Cults of the Dragon Below, deities of madness NE Ferocity, Madness, Trickery Varies
The Path of Light, philosophy of light and self-improvement LN Law, Life, Light Brilliant Crystal
The Undying Court, elven ancestors NG Grave, Knowledge, Life, Protection Varies
The Spirits of the Past, elven ancestors CG War Varies
Warforged Mysteries Alignment Domains Symbol
The Lord of Blades, ascendancy of the warforged LE Artifice, Law, War Warforged hand with three claws
The Becoming God, deity of the souls of warforged N Arcana, Artifice, Forge Circular stone with runs etched in it
The Reforged, philosophy of souls of warforged NG Arcana, Artifice, Knowledge, Life None


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