As a child, you were inquisitive when your playmates were possessive or raucous. In your formative years, you found your way to one of Khorvaire’s great institutes of learning , where you were apprenticed and taught that knowledge is a more valuable treasure than gold or gems. Now you are ready to leave your home—not to abandon it, but to quest for new lore to add to its storehouse of knowledge.

The most well known of Khorvaire fonts of knowledge is the Library of Korranberg. The great library is always in need of workers and attendants, some of whom rise through the ranks to assume roles of greater responsibility and prominence. You might be one of Korranberg’s own, dedicated to the curatorship of what is likely the most complete body of lore and history in all the world. Perhaps instead you were taken in by the scholars of the Morgrave University or University of Wynarn. Now you have struck out to increase your knowledge and to make yourself available to help those in other places who seek your expertise. You might be one of the few who aid Arcane Congress, helping to catalogue and maintain records of the information that arrives daily from across Khorvaire.

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, Insight
Tool Proficiencies: Inquisitive’s Kit or Thieves’ Tools
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: A set of common clothes, a cloak or long coat, Inquisitive’s Kit, a blank book for taking notes, a bottle of ink, a quill, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp

Feature: Watcher’s Eye

My experience in enforcing the law, and dealing with lawbreakers, gives me a feel for local laws and criminals. I can easily find the local outpost of the watch, guards or a similar organization, and just as easily pick out the dens of criminal activity in a community. I am far more likely to be welcome in the former locations rather than the latter, however.

Suggested Characteristics

Deep inside, there might be a part of you that still mourns over every corpse you find sprawled in an alley, still grieves for the lost soul of humanity and its kin, and still believers there might be some hope and goodness left in the world.

But the city’s underbelly can be a bleak place, and that fact has certainly had an effect on your disposition. You’re so used to corruption and crime that you don’t expect to meet honest people, and you’re surprised at acts of selflessness and sacrifice. “Jaded” doesn’t begin to describe how cynical and bitter you can be in your worst moments. You’ve been cheated so many times that you always ask for money up front. You’ve seen so much hatred and death that nothing shocks you at this point—or at least that’s the image you project.

Backgrounds - Inquisitive