You were born to one of the thirteen dragonmarked houses that wield enormous power throughout Khorvaire. Perhaps you have manifested one of the magical dragonmarks that showed your descent from a house member, or were born to someone who was granted member-ship or married into a house; regardless, you have lived a life of privilege and responsibility.

The House Scion is a member of a dragonmarked house who embraces his heritage but keeps is distance from the administration of the house. Young heirs often wish to see the world before settling down in one of the house guilds. Some scions are carefree wanderers with no interest in politics and economics. Some are independents, seeking to establish their own personal businesses instead of joining one of the major bound house arms. Some have a deep interest in gaining power in their house, but believe that building powerful allies in the outside world as the best means to do so.

When you choose this background pick a dragonmarked house based on your race, consult the following table as well as a particular set of skill and language/tool proficiencies, and starting equipment.

Feature: House Membership

You are a member of a dragonmarked house. The house will provide you with lodging and food, though you may be expected to put in a few hours of work in exchange. Where the house has a presence, you may have access to discounts on other goods and services related to the house’s specialty.

Dragonmarked Houses wield tremendous political power in every nation on Khorvaire. If you are accused of a crime, your house will support you if a good case can be made for your innocence or the crime is justifiable in the eyes of the House. You can also gain access to powerful political figures through the house, if you are a member in good standing. Such connections might require that you perform some noteworthy service for the house.

Your house will occasionally call upon you for support. You will have to provide support for the house to remain in the house’s good graces.

Suggested Characteristics

The scions of the dragonmarked houses display the full range of motivations. Some spend their time performing charitable works or repaying debts of honor, while others use their house connections to achieve their own ends no matter the cost, same carry on the house business, some were heroes of the Last War. Regardless, their house affiliation irrevocably colors their attitudes and methods. Use whatever personality traits, bonds, and flaws tables you wish, with the following fitting very well Folk Hero, Guild Artisan, Inheritor, Noble, Legendary Lineage, Sharn Noble, and War-Torn Hero fitting particularly well. Pull from the following ideals since you have some sort of tie to your house.

Backgrounds - House Scion

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