Sometimes being a member of a dragonmarked house means power, prestige, and influence. Sometimes it means living firmly under the thumb of a controlling relative until you can find a way to escape. Congratulations—you’ve found a way.

You adventure because it’s better than the alternative, a tightly controlled life as part of a dragonmarked house. Your family thinks you should be home, putting your talents to use in the service of your house. Your mother wants you where she can keep an eye on you and make sure you don’t get into any trouble. Your father wants to find you someone appropriate to marry and keep your children close at hand.

Fundamentally, you adventure because you know your family hates it. You might not know yet what you want to do with your life–adventuring might just be something you’re doing to kill time until you figure it out–but you know it won’t involve the work of your house. Clearly, you’ve got a rebellious streak. You don’t necessarily reject all authority, but you certainly don’t like to be under anyone’s thumb. But you’re not bad at heart. Is it so wrong to want to shape your own destiny?

Skill Proficiencies: Choose two from among History, Insight, Perception, Persuasion, and Performance
Tool Proficiencies: Choose one artisan tool set
Languages: Choose one language
Equipment: A set of fine clothes, a set of artisan tools with which you are proficient, a signet ring, identification documents and a pouch containing 10 gp.

Feature: Gone But Not Forgotten

Even though you have left home, home hasn’t left you. You still have some connections there, and a great deal of memories. You can access some of the benefits of your House in times of need. Though there my be a price tag with it. In particular there is one contact in you house that you have still maintained and has a soft spot for you. Though they will not do anything that will get them in trouble.

Suggested Characteristics

House renegades are either created by choice or by force. For someone too independent or jaded with a dragonmarked house, leaving becomes an option. They may still try and capitalize on the prestige of their house wish to have nothing to do with it. For those that have been forceably removed from a house, a latent sadness or bitterness might be present.

Even though you’ve probably been disowned, you’re used to a life of relative luxury, and your habits and mannerisms reflect that. You prefer to stay in upper-class hotels rather than common inns, and to feast in a private dining room rather than squeeze in to a spot at the board to get your share of stew with the peasants. That said, you have a lot more respect for the working classes than most people of your station, and you’re not inclined to boss people around or expect doting service. These people have aspirations and dreams of their own—you can’t follow yours without encouraging them to follow theirs.

Backgrounds - House Renegade