Whether you were a tribal witch-doctor, a medicine-man, a holy healer, a military field medic, or a genuine medical professional from some unusually enlightened society, you specialize in the treatment of suffering. You have seen injury, disease, poison, and death, and still you have defied it all, fighting to save that every last soul. As a medical professional, you have sworn an oath to help those who are sick. You have pledged your life to protect life, that all who suffer are your patient, to support other doctors as family, to train any who swear the oath, to practice to the best of your ability, to always improve upon the art, to practice only your specialization, to practice not for your own gain, to practice within the law, and to keep all of your patients’ secrets.

Skill Proficiencies: Medicine, Nature
Tool Proficiencies: Healer’s kit, herbalism kit
Equipment: Healer’s kit or herbalism kit, healer’s robes, blanket, a badge or identification papers that identifies you as a healer, pouch with 10 gp


Healers come in many varieties—from the academically trained physician to the villager who helps their neighbors in need with simple folk remedies and attentive care. All share the bond of working to treat people who are sick and injured. Very often this places them in positions of great respect in their communities and people travel from far and wide to seek their cures.

d6 Specialty d6 Specialty
1 Apothecary/Herbalist 4 Chirurgeon
2 Folk Healer 5 Anatomist/Academic
3 Physician 6 Witch-Doctor

Feature: Healer’s Calm

Healers are almost universally seen positively. They can gain the trust of almost any intelligent creature that is sick or hurt if they present themselves as willing to help. Even hostile creatures will often let a healer approach them to render aid. This effect is instantly negated if the healer or their companions acts with hostility.

Suggested Characteristics

Healers for the most part genuinely care for others and wish to help them get better. They are raised in an environment that sees and cares for others as a priority. Being a healer comes with great responsibility. Additionally when others find out who are healers attitudes change and the healers are often sought out.

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