As a child, you were inquisitive when your playmates were possessive or raucous. In your formative years, you found your way to one of Khorvaire’s great institutes of learning , where you were apprenticed and taught that knowledge is a more valuable treasure than gold or gems. Now you are ready to leave your home—not to abandon it, but to quest for new lore to add to its storehouse of knowledge.

The most well known of Khorvaire fonts of knowledge is the Library of Korranberg. The great library is always in need of workers and attendants, some of whom rise through the ranks to assume roles of greater responsibility and prominence. You might be one of Korranberg’s own, dedicated to the curatorship of what is likely the most complete body of lore and history in all the world. Perhaps instead you were taken in by the scholars of the Morgrave University or University of Wynarn. Now you have struck out to increase your knowledge and to make yourself available to help those in other places who seek your expertise. You might be one of the few who aid Arcane Congress, helping to catalogue and maintain records of the information that arrives daily from across Khorvaire.

Skill Proficiencies: History, plus your choice of one from among Arcana, Nature, and Religion
Languages: Two of your choice
Equipment: The scholar’s robes of your cloister, a writing kit (small pouch with a quill, ink, folded parchment, and a small penknife), a borrowed book on the subject of your current study, and a pouch containing 10 gp

Feature: Library Access

Though others must often endure extensive interviews and significant fees to gain access to even the most common archives in your library, you have free and easy access to the majority of the library, though it might also have repositories of lore that are too valuable, magical, or secret to permit anyone immediate access. You have a working knowledge of your cloister’s personnel and bureaucracy, and you know how to navigate those connections with some ease. Additionally, you are likely to gain preferential treatment at other libraries across Khorvaire, as professional courtesy shown to a fellow scholar.

Suggested Characteristics

Cloistered scholars are defined by their extensive studies and their life within their place of studies. Their characteristics reflect this life of study. Devoted to scholarly pursuits, a scholar values knowledge highly sometimes in its own right, sometimes as a means toward other ideals.

Your bond is almost certainly associated either with the place where you grew up or with the knowledge you hope to acquire through adventuring. Your ideal is no doubt related to how you view the quest for knowledge and truth—perhaps as a worthy goal in itself, or maybe as a means to a desirable end.

Backgrounds - Cloistered Scholar

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