Druid Circle: Circle of the Wardens

The largest druid sect in the world, the Wardens of the Wood learned their traditions from the awakened greatpine Oalian, who guarded the deepwoods long before humans ever came to Khorvaire. This group protects the Reaches by destroying unnatural creatures (primarily aberrations and fiends) and by teaching the inhabitants to respect nature as they harvest its bounty and cultivate the land.

Roughly half of the Wardens are human, with the rest made up largely of half-elves and shifters, along with a smattering of other races. They are kindly intentioned and do their work out of a sincere desire to achieve perfect harmony with the world, in the belief that technological advancement and the wild can coexist.

The influence of the Wardens is so widespread throughout the Reaches that most inhabitants incorporate the sect’s principles unconsciously in their day-to-day lives. Most are not active worshipers, but druidic gatherings take place right beside village markets and farmers’ fields, and the Eldeen peoples actively engage their more religious neighbors. Thus the environment fosters the qualities most desired for those who wish to serve nature.

The Wardens of the Wood maintain static communities where children are raised and taught. The Wardens of the Wood dominate the region. Over the last three decades they have spread out across the plains as well as continuing to occupy the great forest. The Wardens seek to maintain the balance between civilization and nature. Human, orc, bird, and beast all have a place in the world—they just need to be provided with the proper aid and guidance. The Wardens protect travelers from bandits, rabid beasts, and the aberrations that lurk in the shadows. They have no problem with agriculture and animal husbandry, as long as both land and beast are treated with respect and compassion. They work with farmers and ranchers to ensure that the needs of nature are met.

Bonus Proficiencies

At 2nd level, you gain proficiency with long and short bows.

Improved Shillelagh

At 2nd level,  you learn the shillelagh cantrip if you do not already know it. Additionally you are able to cast shillelagh on a longbow or shortbow. You are able to use your spellcasting ability instead of Str or Dex for attack and damage rolls using the that weapon.

When you use the Attack action with a weapon, you can make one more attack as a bonus action. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier (a minimum of once). You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.

Warden Companion

At 2nd level, you gain access to the wizard spell Find Familiar as a druid spell. However this spell is different, in that the familiar summoned is an a beast and not celestial, fey, or fiend. As such the beast cannot be dismissed in to a pocket dimension. If you cast it again, your current familiar leaves and the new one comes from the wild to serve you.

Cleanse the Blight

Starting at 6th level, you can disrupt the strength of creatures that are unnatural and bolster your allies against harmful conditions. A number of times per day equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum of once), you can utilize one of the following effects as a reaction:

  • When an aberration, fiend or undead creature within 30 feet attacks a target other than you, you may impose disadvantage on the attack roll.
  • You grant an ally within 30 feet advantage on saving throws against one of the following conditions: frightened, paralyzed, or poisoned.

Strengthened Shillelagh

At 10th level, the damage die for shillelagh becomes a d10. At 14th level, it becomes a d12.

Warden of Battle Magic

Beginning at 10th level, when you use your action to cast a cantrip, you can make one weapon attack as a bonus action.

Child of Oalian

At 14th level, you can expend two uses of Wild Shape at the same time to transform into a treant without the ability to animate trees. You can speak in this form, but only know the languages you know prior to Wild Shaping.


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