Class and Archetype List

The following is intended on being a complete listing of all the classes and archetypes that are available to a player in my campaigns. This will present all material that I accept that is available in the published works of Wizards, possible options in Unearthed Arcana, as well as homebrew options that I allow, which will be listed on this website.

If there is something new that you are interested in, either something that has been homebrewed or options that appeared in prior editions of D&D, please consult with me and we will look into the viability of what you are looking at and for.

Class Archetype Source Page
Artificer Eberron5E
Artifice Tradition
Alchemist Eberron5E 6
Artifice Tradition
Battlesmith Eberron5E 7
Artifice Tradition
Constructs Eberron5E 7
Artifice Tradition
Techno-Arcanist Eberron5E 8
Barbarian PHB 46-50
Primal Path Path of the Ancestral Guardian XGtE 9-10
Primal Path Path of the Battlerager SCAG 121
Primal Path Path of the Berserker PHB 49-50
Primal Path Path of the Storm Herald XGtE 10-11
Primal Path Path of the Totem Warrior PHB/SCAG  50/121-122
Primal Path Path of the Zealot XGtE 11
 Bard PHB 51-55
Bardic College College of Lore PHB 54-55
Bardic College College of Glamour XGtE 14-15
Bardic College College of Swords XGtE 15-16
Bardic College
College of Valor PHB 55
Bardic College College of Whispers XGtE 16
Cleric PHB 56-63
Divine Domain Arcana SCAG 125-126
Divine Domain Artifice Eberron5E
Divine Domain Death DMG 96-97
Divine Domain Ferocity Eberron5E
Divine Domain Forge XGtE 18-19
Divine Domain Grave XGtE 19-20
Divine Domain Knowledge PHB 59-60
Divine Domain Law Eberron5E
Divine Domain Life PHB 60
Divine Domain Light PHB 60-61
Divine Domain Madness Eberron5E
Divine Domain Nature PHB 61-62
Divine Domain Protection UA: Cleric 3
Divine Domain Tempest PHB 62
Divine Domain Travel Eberron5E
Divine Domain Trickery PHB 62-63
Divine Domain War PHB 63
Druid PHB 64-69
Druid Circle Circle of Dreams XGtE 22-23
Druid Circle Circle of the Land PHB 67-68
Druid Circle Circle of the Moon PHB  68-69
Druid Circle Circle of the Shepherd XGtE 23-24
Fighter PHB 70-75
Martial Archetype Battle Master PHB 73-74
Martial Archetype Arcane Archer XGtE 28-29
Martial Archetype Cavalier UA: Kits of Old 3-4
Martial Archetype Champion PHB 72-73
Martial Archetype Eldritch Knight PHB 74-75
Martial Archetype Monster Hunter UA: Gothic Heroes 2
Martial Archetype Purple Dragon Knight SCAG 128
Martial Archetype Samurai XGtE 31
Monk PHB 76-81
Monastic Tradition Way of the Drunken Master XGtE 33-34
Monastic Tradition Way of the Four Elements PHB 80-81
Monastic Tradition Way of the Kensei XGtE 34-35
Monastic Tradition Way of the Long Death SCAG 130-131
Monastic Tradition Way of the Open Hand PHB 79-80
Monastic Tradition Way of the Shadow PHB 80
Monastic Tradition Way of the Sun Soul SCAG 131
Paladin PHB 82-88
Sacred Oath Oath of the Crown SCAG 132-133
Sacred Oath Oath of Devotion PHB 86
Sacred Oath Oath of the Ancients PHB 86-87
Sacred Oath Oath of Conquest XGtE 37-38
Sacred Oath Oath of the Guardian Eberron5E
Sacred Oath Oath of Redemption XGtE 38-39
Sacred Oath Oath of the Watchers Eberron5E
Sacred Oath Oath of Vengeance PHB 87-88
Sacred Oath Oathbreaker DMG 97
Ranger UA: Ranger, Revised
Ranger Conclave Beast Conclave UA: Ranger, Revised 5-6
Ranger Conclave Gloom Stalker XGtE 41-42
Ranger Conclave Hunter Conclave UA: Ranger, Revised 7
Ranger Conclave Horizon Walker XGtE 42-43
Ranger Conclave Monster Slayer XGtE 43
Ranger Conclave Warden Conclave UA: Ranger & Rogue 2
Rogue PHB 94-98
Roguish Archetype Arcane Trickster PHB 97-98
Roguish Archetype Assassin PHB 97
Roguish Archetype Inquisitive XGtE 45-46
Roguish Archetype Mastermind XGtE 46
Roguish Archetype Scout XGtE 47
Roguish Archetype Swashbuckler XGtE 47
Roguish Archetype Thief PHB 97
Sorcerer PHB 99-103
Sorcerous Origin Draconic Bloodline PHB 102-103
Sorcerous Origin Divine Soul XGtE 50
Sorcerous Origin Phoenix Sorcery UA: Sorcerer 1-2
Sorcerous Origin Sea Sorcery UA: Sorcerer  2-3
Sorcerous Origin Shadow Magic XGtE 50-51
Sorcerous Origin Stone Sorcery UA: Sorcerer 3-4
Sorcerous Origin Storm Sorcery SCAG 137
Sorcerous Origin Wild Magic PHB 103-104
Warlock PHB 104-111
Otherworldly Patron The Archfey PHB 108-109
Otherworldly Patron The Celestial XGtE 54-55
Otherworldly Patron The Fiend PHB 109
Otherworldly Patron The Great Old One PHB 109-110
Otherworldly Patron The Hexblade XGtE 55-56
Otherworldly Patron The Undying SCAG 139-140
Wizard PHB 112-119
Arcane Tradition Bladesinging SCAG 141-142
Arcane Tradition School of Abjuration PHB 115-116
Arcane Tradition School of Conjuration PHB 116
Arcane Tradition School of Divination PHB 116-117
Arcane Tradition School of Enchantment PHB 117
Arcane Tradition School of Evocation PHB 117-118
Arcane Tradition School of Illusion PHB 118
Arcane Tradition School of Necromancy PHB 118-119
Arcane Tradition School of Transmutation PHB 119
Arcane Tradition Theurgy UA: The Faithful 2
Arcane Tradition War Magic XGtE 59-60


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